My own iPad experience

I've returned my wi-fi 64 iPad to the Apple store. It failed to perform adequately as a mobile tool.

Though I must add that I can edit this fine page in iPad #3.

I did not purchase an iPad in order to consume more stuff, but even if I had, I'd still have been left out because its useless wi-fi prevented me from accessing the iTunes store. Nor could I make use of Safari, the BBC and New York Times news readers, or indeed web-dependent apps of any kind.*

While I had other issues with the device, it was the total inadequacy of the iPad's wi-fi was deal-breaker for me. And I hold no hope that a firmware update will rectify this matter.

* I've since read that the first Macbook Air devices also had terrible wi-fi. But I did not purchase one, and was unaware of its own wi-fi issues.

One way in which the iPad is better than the Newton: '"How will I get my files off of this thing?" people asked in 1998. Then, as now, the simplest way is to email the file.' -- TUAW

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