• Your soy milk. You haven't made it yet? Then hurry to this helpful page, and get busy! Even so, you won't be making tofu until tomorrow.

  • 2 tsp. granular or powdered nigari, dissolved in water

I've used less than that, but you should make some extra in case your soy is uncooperative.

You could use epsom salts or gypsum (yes, really) or even chitosan (pdf) rather than nigari; I haven't tried them, so I can't comment.

My search for tofu mastery continues. A number of abstracts exist on the net, but this PDF document seems the most generally useful.

"This study suggests that the optimum coagulation temperature for tofu is 90°C."

Yes, that's about it. Making tofu is more about equipment and technique than about ingredients.

From another source:

Heat the soy liquid to 150-155 degrees. Add half the coagulant.

Here there be (unnecessary?) magic:

  • Stir vigorously in a circular motion for 6 turns.
  • Then stop the swirling by holding the spatula to block the rotation.
  • Add the rest of the coagulant.
  • Stir in a figure-8 pattern until you see the coagulation begin.
  • Cover the pot; let it rest for 15 minutes
changed July 6, 2013